The Process
The Process

Legal Written Work

Depending on the role you are applying for, you may be asked to submit one or more pieces of legal written work for which you alone have been responsible.  You should explain, briefly (in no more than 150 words), how it demonstrates your knowledge of the law, and your skills and competence in the interpretation and application of the law.

Examples of written work include:

·         advice given to clients in the form of letters or memos, opinions or notes; written submissions or other written legal argument;

·         reports, opinions, judgments, stated cases or decision letters given in a judicial (courts and tribunals) or similar capacity;

·         written advice given internally in a firm or other institutional environment; or

·         any other written explanation of the law, and how that applies in the circumstances of a particular case or other factual situation.

The example you choose should have a broad range, ideally be recent, and clearly demonstrate the legal competence criteria. 

Choose your written work carefully, making sure that it is concise and to the point. If your written work contains a lengthy narration of the facts, you should specify in the description which paragraphs contain the analysis and application of the law that you want us to consider.

Although we will treat all written work in the strictest confidence, it is imperative that you delete or redact any references to the identity of clients or others in such documents.  Any written work which is submitted without being redacted will be immediately deleted and you will be asked to supply the written work again, with the redactions made.

You must upload your written work in PDF format. The system will only allow one attachment, therefore you should save all your written work into one PDF document. 

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