The Process
The Process


Good Character and Conduct Stage One Consultations

This section seeks information about good character.  It is important that you answer each question fully and frankly.  A disclosure in answer to a question will not automatically disqualify you, but it does allow the panel to assess its significance and, if appropriate, to seek further information.  You should include any relevant mitigating information that you would like the panel to take into account.

The questions asked relate to:

·         Criminal convictions 

·         Police investigations

·         Litigation

·         VAT and other form of Tax

·         Professional Conduct

·         Personal and professional life

These questions will be Yes/No answers.  If you answer Yes to any of the questions, you will be asked to provide a description of the details.

In assessing good character, the selection panel may take into account any court decision, whether published or not, and any newspaper report or other published source which may have a bearing upon your ability and fitness to fulfil the judicial office you have applied for.  You should be aware that it is likely that we will be aware of any publicly recorded judicial criticism.

We cannot enter into an adjudication process as to whether any criticism was justified. However, you should indicate on the form whether there has ever been a complaint made about you.  We expect that applicants will bring to our attention any judicial criticism(s) together with an indication as to what you have learned from this.

A copy of the Statement of Principles on Criminal Convictions is available on the Board’s website.

The assessment of good character continues throughout the process, up to the point when the Board decides which applicants should be recommended for appointment. Any relevant change which occurs after submission of the application form should be disclosed to us as soon as possible.  We take any matters that you may fail to disclose that later come to light very seriously.

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