The Process
The Process

Legal Case Studies

Legal case studies are usually the first stage of the Board's interview process when recruiting court judges.  Taken together with the material in your application form and your written work example, this will be a key part of the assessment of whether you have the appropriate level of legal knowledge and competence for the role you have applied for. 

It will involve reviewing and discussing relevant material with the judicial and legal members. The lay members play no part in the assessment of legal competence, however they will observe this stage of the process and may draw from it evidence for the personal and judicial criteria.

The format may vary, you may be sent the exercise before the day of your interview and then discuss it with the legal members of the panel.  Or you may be given a list of reported cases and asked to do the exercise on the day.  Your invitation to interview letter will give you specific instructions for this part of the assessment. 

You can bring your own notes and take them into the interview room with you.  You are permitted to use your own electronic devices for note taking purposes only.

The nature and content of the case studies are confidential.  Your acceptance of the invitation to interview is taken as confirmation that you agree not to disclose the nature and content of the case studies to anyone for any purpose before or after your interview. 


In advance


·         Read the instructions carefully.


·         Ensure you are familiar with the documentation provided to you in advance.


·         Familiarise yourself with the relevant case law and legislation.


On the day


·         Managing your time effectively will be very important.


·         Read the instructions carefully.


·         Allocate an appropriate amount of time to read the documentation provided to you on the day (if applicable).


·         Allocate an appropriate amount of time to prepare your response (if applicable).


·         When discussing with the panel be aware of the time allocated to each section and keep to time. You can see previous case studies here.


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